Literature and information service from online databases

Full-text articles of more than 20,000 journals are available through the website of the library while abstracts of articles of nearly 50,000 journals through bibliographic databases.

Bibliographic databases

They are useful resorts of research and help for finding literature, observing the trend of the scientific life and citations of certain authors. In some cases they include hyperlinks to available full-text contents of other databases.

SciFinder Scholar: bibliographic database of chemistry, it contains the online version of Chemical Abstracts completed with numerous other information. It covers results of chemistry and its allied sciences from the year of 1907 (sometimes even older). It contains articles of about 10,000 journals, books, patent descriptions, dissertations, conference proceedings altogether 31 million documents. You might search based on topic, substance, reaction etc.

It is accessible only from one workstation from the library. For access, ask for the help of the staff on the 3rd floor!

CSA Technology Research Database: It covers the materials of CSA Materials Research Database with METADEX, CSA High Technology Research Database with Aerospace and CSA Engineering Research Database. This is the most updated bibliographic database of the engineering sciences with hyperlink to the full-text if available. Nowadays it contains more than 6.5 million records back from 1962. Clicking the hyperlink first choose "Pannon Egyetem" then on the CSA page "Technology" in the menu of "Subject area".

Scopus: the largest multidisciplinary database of the world containing even referring (=bibliographic) and indexing and citations that has been citing since 1996. It includes 18,000 scientific documents – journals, books, open access and conference publications -, 400 million quality websites and 23 million patents.

Europe Server (in Hungarian): database of Hungary about the European Union that has been operating since 1998. It is around different topics such as economic policy, environment, population, education, culture, research and development, labour matters, social matters, agriculture, energy, industry, finance, commerce, tourism, transportation, etc. Resources of the database are materials from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee, the Regional Committee and survey companies, studies of EU experts, reports, forecasts, materials of OECD and the World Bank and statistics figures of Eurostat.

It is accessible only from one workstation from the library. For access, ask for the help of the staff on the 3rd floor!

World politics database: bibliographic database that consists of studies and articles of 100 foreign political and economical journals, monographs, etc.

Hundok: foreign press monitoring bibliographic database based on articles related to Hungary of 50 relevant foreign newspapers, magazines and journals

Pressdok: Hungarian press monitoring bibliographic database covers selected articles about politics, economics and law from 150 newspapers, magazines and journals

We can find some bibliographic databases next to the full-text ones in the following database collections e.g.: Web of Science, MathSciNet, EconLit.


Databases in EBSCO collection are available through a common interface. You can choose more databases for the search at the same time.

  • Academic Search Complete: multidisciplinary scientific database containing full-text versions of 7,100 mostly peer-reviewed journals (not only in English). Moreover it includes abstracts of 11,000 journals and 12,000 publications among which there are monographs, reports and conference proceedings. The database goes back to 1887.
  • Business Search Premier: database of business sciences (e.g. marketing, management, MIS, POM, accountancy, finance, economics) providing full-text for 2,300 journals.
  • MasterFILE Premier: database of general interest, including full-text of 1,700 general reference publications, since 1975. Besides it contains the full-text version of 500 handbooks, 164,000 primary source documents and image collection of 460,000 photos, maps and flags.
  • ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center): database of educational sciences containing 1.3 million records and the full-text version of 317,000 documents back from 1966.
  • MEDLINE: it serves professionally standard medical information. The database established by the National Library of Medicine uses MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) indexing for searching among the references of 4,800 current biomedical journals.
  • Health Source - Consumer Edition: collection of consumer healthcare information. It contains 80 full-text magazines.
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition: Nursing/Academic Edition: it contains 550 full-text scientific journals from several medical disciplines. It includes Lexi-PAL Drug Guide database which covers the patient information of 1,300 generic medicines of 4,700 brands.
  • Regional Business News: it contains full-text versions of business publications including business publications of 80 metropolises and countries of the United States.
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA): it covers, besides other, the areas of librarianship, classification, cataloguing, bibliometrics, online information retrieval and maintenance and indexes 600 journals, books and proceedings. The extent of the collection goes back to the mid-60’s.
  • GreenFILE: it gives information of scientific, administrative research and ones expecting public interest. It covers all aspects of human impact to the environment (e.g. global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling). It includes abstracts of 384,000 documents and provides access to the full-text of 4,700 records.
  • Newspaper Source Plus: it includes the full-text version of 1530 newspapers. The database also contains the transcripts of 648,000 television and radio news.


We can only choose one at the same time for searching in the databases in the collection of EISZ.

  • Journals of Akadémiai Kiadó (Academic Publishing): there are 67 of journals available in full-text from the areas of natural sciences, science of life, mathematics, social sciences, arts.
  • Science Direct: multidisciplinary database of Elsevier publishing with 2,500 journals (10 million articles). Full-text is available from the year of 1997.
  • Lectures Notes in Computer Science: full-text (form the year of 1997) package of books of Springer publishing about research, development and educational results from all the areas of informatics, computing, artificial intelligence.
  • Web of Science: the bibliographic database and citing index service (search for citations) of ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) back from 1975. It covers areas of arts (1,100 journals, 6,800 selected ones), natural and technical sciences (5,900 journals), social sciences (1,700 journals, 3,300 other publications).
  • Nature: full-text and searchable volumes of the journal since 1997.
  • SpringerLink: 2200 journals (in English and in German) since 1997 are available with full-text from areas such as sciences of life, chemistry, earth sciences, computing, medical sciences, physics and astronomy, technical sciences, environmental protection, jurisprudence, economics, social sciences.
  • ACM Digital Library: it contains bibliographic data and full-text version of journals and proceedings published by Association for Computing Machinery. Its main topics are artificial intelligence, computer programming, networks, graphics, simulation, programming languages, software development, connection of man and computer.
  • MathSciNet: it is a mathematical scientific database containing abstracts, bibliographic data since even the 1800’s and citations. It follows the traditions in online form of Mathematical Reviews (MR) which was started in 1940. It contains 2 million records and 1 million direct links to the original articles.
  • EconLit: bibliographic database of the American Economic Association which covers the economic, written mostly in English or having a summary written in English literature of more than 30 years (750 journals, books, book recommendations, working papers, dissertations).
  • Tesztre készen! (Ready to test): a program working on authentic language exam tests (test questions  based on categories, generating random tests, grammar drills, listening exercises with key) of Rigó Street (ORIGÓ Language Exam) in English, German and French managed by the Academic Publishing and the Centre for Advanced Language Learning (ITK).
  • Scriptum dictionaries: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish reference dictionaries.


Full-text electronic journals of further service providers, publishers (Ingenta, Informaworld, Cambridge Journals, Royal Society of Chemistry, ASME, SIAM,  etc.) are available on the website of the library and through the SFX service. We can find the searched journal on the abovementioned website through a simple search or browsing and then from there we can get to the full text.

The SFX service is applicable also to assure us whether the library has access to the full-text version of a given journal.


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