FAQ - General Questions


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How can I get into the library?
You can go further upstairs by showing your reader/student card.

What can I take with myself to the reading rooms?
You have to leave your coat, bag, food in the self-service cloakroom on the ground floor. Your notes for studying, laptop can be taken to the reading room.

Does the library have any suitable premises to organise events into?
Yes, there is Kováts-room on the first floor, which is a room with the capacity of 60 people making it apt for conferences, presentations. Besides we can provide a multimedia room with the capacity of 12 people on the second floor and a consultation room with the same capacity on the third floor for our visitors.

Does the library open on Saturdays?
The library welcomes visitors on Saturdays only during term time, with partial opening hours between 8 am and 1 pm, however with full service.

Is the library accessible?

Some facts about the etiquette of the library…
You must not speak aloud in the reading rooms or use your mobile phone and eat. For discussions we can offer our readers the meeting room on the first floor.

last update: 2011, march 28 - 20:27