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Who are entitled for the support?
Full time, active students of courses of government funding (within the educational period).

What is the amount of the support?
It can change every semester, and it depends on several factors. It was about 3600 HUF in the past semesters.

How can I find out how much money I have?
In the Bookshops, if the card is read.

I have lost my card...
Report the lost card in the bookshop in Building M, where they issue the new one (it takes a few days). The new card costs 500 HUF.

What is the student card good for?
It is good for many things:

The students who are entitled for the students’ support get the amount of the support on the card. This amount can be used for purchases in our Bookshops.

You can use the Library services with the card.

We provide 20% discount from the prices of our own published books if you pay by the card.

What can I use the students’ support for?
The amount of the support can be used for purchases in our Bookshops: you can buy books, notes, notebooks, CDs, DVDs, etc. (except for: souvenirs).

You can buy so-called units in our Bookshops, which you can use for photocopying, printing, scanning, spiral binding.

I would need a book which is not in the offer of the bookshop. What can I do?
You should fill out an order form in the Bookshop (with legible writing!) The students’ support can be used.

When is the amount remaining from the previous semesters put back on my card?
After the end of the register and the additional register period, and after the main changes have been registered in the Neptun system.

When is the support for the new semester credited on my card?
After the so-called “Allocating DSZB (Student Social Committee) Meeting". Usually, at the beginning of October or March.

I think the amount on my card is less than it should be. Who can I contact and how?
Personally, the employees of the Publishing Company: in room 016 in the Library (Building M).
E-mail: kiado@almos.uni-pannon.hu

last update: 2011, march 28 - 20:29