FAQ - Registering


Registering Our services Bookshop and students’ book support

Who can register to the library?
Our library is an open reference and university library with national functions, so anyone can become a member of it who accepts the terms of using the library. For the registration of readers under 18 we need the acceptance of responsibility from the parents.

Can I use the library with a daily ticket?
Yes, you can buy one for 200 HUF, however you cannot borrow books with them.

Where can I register to the library?
At the desk on the second floor of the library.

What personal documents do I need for registration?
Indicated here.

How much is the registration?
Indicated here.

Where can students of the first semester receive their student cards?
On the second floor of the Library.

What if I lose my student card?
You have to report it in the bookshop in Building M (ground floor) and there a new is prepared for you (after some days of waiting). The new card costs 500 HUF.

What if I lose my reader card?
You can get a new one at the borrowing desks on the second floor, for 500 HUF.

last update: 2011, march 28 - 20:28